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28th March 2018.

Skyline Partners had a very successful trip across India last week, from Kolkata in West Bengal, through Dibrugarh and Jorhat in Assam North East India and finally to Mumbai. The objective of this visit was to test our innovative technology-enabled weather parametric insurance solution with the agriculture market in India.

We would like to thank the Tea Board of India, the Indian Tea Association and its members, the Tea Research Institute, the Tea Farm Managers in Assam, IBM & The Weather Company in India and Udisha Risk Solutions, for offering us the opportunity to explore applications for our weather parametric insurance solutions. The feedback we received from all parties was extremely positive.

We were delighted to participate in a workshop with the National Insurance Company, the India Tea Association and some of its members Corporate Tea Producers.

Our visit to Assam region to meet the tea farm managers, visit the gardens and production facilities was extremely insightful and confirmed our innovative solution is relevant.

Our technology-enabled parametric insurance solution will provide financial income protection against direct or indirect consequences of weather hazards affecting the ecosystem throughout its life cycle. In the context of climate change, benefiting from such protections will ultimately result in a more sustainable environment for everyone involved within the ecosystem.

We would also like to thank Shankar Garigiparthy and Lloyd’s in India to support taking these products to market.

We look forward to making this happen and providing our weather parametric insurance products to our future customers in India.


Skyline Partners is premium member of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

Gethin Jones

Founder / Executive Director

Laurent Sabatié

Co-Founder / Executive Director

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